Unique Size Tennis Comfort Overgrip Tri-Pack, Fluo Yellow

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Our designers developed this product for tennis players looking for a comfortable, tacky overgrip.

This easy-to-apply tennis overgrip offers excellent comfort during play. It makes your racket's handle easier to grip

User comfort
Its polyurethane composition and 0.6 mm thickness make it very comfortable

This thin rubber overgrip improves racket grip.

The 0.6 mm thickness effectively absorbs perspiration.

Its thickness and composition provide excellent durability.

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15 اراء الزبائن
Very Good Grip & Great Value
I bought these grips for my current rackets which I have used extensively for over a year playing at least twice a week in all weather conditions with the grips remaining pretty much the same condition as when new, without signs of wear and retaining its slight tackiness even when wet which is pretty astonishing. As a comparison, I re-gripped my very old Dunlop Max 200G with another brand of overgrip recently and that fluffed-up mid play and became 'slippery' and the condition was dry at the time.
great price, good quality.
I use the bindings on my lateral pull down bar on my weight setup. They offer excellent grip and comfort on heavy weights.
Very , very , very poor product
Purchased with some new Asics shoes and a pair of socks yesterday .The Overgrip pack has got to be one of the worst products I have ever ever bought .It bears no resemblance to the outer pack description nor the web site description .It's the opposite of tacky in fact it's actually a shiny finish so your racket hand would just turn in your grip. I am so disappointed . I have re packed the 3 grips so I trust Decathlon will give me a refund on the grounds that they are not fit for purpose . The problem is the nearest store is Stockport (from which I purchased) is 12 miles away so it'll cost me more in petrol to return than the actual value.of the grip pack, I wonder how long I have to be able to claim a refund , I have kept the receipt ?
Slippery after 2 sessions. It's basically a disposable overgrip.
As effective as other brands at twice the price