عبوة مكونة من 3 أزواج من الجوارب القصيرة للأطفال، أسود، مقاس 31-34 أوروبي

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Our athletics designers developed these socks with a majority of cotton for children starting athletics at school or with a club.

For athletics beginners, at school or with a club, these fine and ventilated socks with a high cotton content are perfectly suited to your young athlete for running, jumping and throwing.

Ventilated area on the upper shoe for greater breathability.

Elastic band encircling the mid-foot area to keep the sock properly in place.


of 3 pairs,

Cotton or Synthetic what socks should I choose for them

Cotton is an amazing it is natural, does not irritate the skin, is pleasant to touch and relatively durable. Its weakness is that it absorbs water. Its absorbent power is limited and makes your feet feel cold, particularly in winter. To protect your child, we offer this sock made of cotton mixed with polyamide. This eliminates perspiration more effectively, making you more comfortable.,

Did you know

Our research laboratory conducted a study on some children to find out their perception of cold and heat. This study revealed that children's feet sweat twice as much as an adult's feet. That's why it's important to give them technical socks for their sport.Once you are equipped in this way, you won't have wet feet and catch a cold any more!,


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