Light Yoga Mat 5 Mm, Orange

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A lightweight mat with a velvety feel you can take to all your yoga classes.

This soft mat is an invitation to keep up a regular yoga practice. It's lightweight for carrying between home and the yoga studio. The discreet lines help you improve your alignment.

Versatile mat offers grippiness suitable for a wide range of yoga styles.

User comfort
5mm thickness provides a good balance of comfort and stability

Easy transport
Light mat, easy to carry thanks to its strap

Density designed for optimal posture during balance poses.

Size and weight

Our mat is 185 cm long, 61 cm wide and 5 mm thick. It weighs 820 g.

Choosing your yoga mat

- Do you have a gentle yoga practice (hatha, restorative, prenatal, nidra, etc.) Transitions are slower and poses are less physically intense.A mat between 5 and 8 mm thick will provide enough cushioning for your cervical spine and joints.- Do you do dynamic yoga (Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar, hot yoga, Bikram, etc.) Transitions are fast and the intensity is high.A mat up to 5 mm thick will give you better grip and stability for balance.

Our product design process

There are eight of us on our team from beginner yogi to instructor. We all share this passion.Whether we do gentle yoga or have a more dynamic practice, we're all seeking balance. With our network of yogi ambassadors, we (e)co-design products to meet your needs and mindset. We are committ

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15 اراء الزبائن
High quality mat
Perfect for yoga/ other floor work.
Worse than useless
Behind my non stick frying pan this is the second most slippery thing in my house If you desire this disconcerting feeling of your hands gently sliding away from you whilst in plank/down dog this is the product for you Somehow manages to be worse than the wipe clean children's play mat I was using before Tried giving it a gentle soap and water wash to get the mold release agent off of it and it doesn't really make a difference Really don't think this should be for sale, it would be easy to do permanent damage to your joints if a foot slid out at the wrong moment Also wanted to give this 0 stars but that wasn't an option, negative stars would be appropriate as it is worse than the floor it is being put on
Comfortable good price
Works well
Excellent thickness and weight
Slippery and easy to mark!
Had read reviews about this mat and decided to buy it because people said it wasn’t slippery.... how wrong they are! This mat looks and feels good to start with but as soon as you do stretches such as downward facing dog your hands slip away regardless of where you place them. It’s slippery! As soon as stores open I will be returning it because not only is it slippery but it marks with the slightest touch and I have the navy one! I can only imagine how bad the other bright colours get after just one use.