5 كرة قدم هايبرد ف.100، برتقالي دموي، مقاس 5

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We have designed the FIFA-approved F500 hybrid ball, which pairs comfort with durability, for your training sessions and competitions.

Need a ball for your football club? The FIFA Basic F500 ball has an inner foam layer to make it more comfortable to use, along with invisible seams to make it last longer

The panels' stitching is on the inside so that it won't wear out as fast.

Lasting air retention
Guaranteed to retain its pressure for longer thanks to its butyl bladder.

Stable flight
The classic 32-panel design with invisible seams.

Your ball complies with international requirements in terms of bounce

ball touch
We have placed foam panels on the outer cover for your playing comfort.

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15 اراء الزبائن
Very good
Decent football
Good durability but it hurts your feet
I bought this ball yesterday and so far I have mixed feelings. This ball is quite durable and I love the orange colour but on the down side this ball is very hard and it gave me some pain in my feet when I was kicking it. Hoping that will change the more I use it. Overall I recommend it.
Soccer ball
The quality is very average You must stock some Nike and Adidas
Hybrid football
Great football
Bouncy !
Great ball, throw it at the ground, it comes back up to be caught. Kick it against a wall, it comes back for more! There's just no stopping it! One small issue, I bought 2, different colours for variety and changing fashion but one had slightly less air than the other! I was going to ask decathlon to post some out, but had some normal air spare and this seems to work OK. I'll buy the correct football air next time I'm in store.