Medium F700 Adult Football Shin Pads , Asphalt Blue

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Our football designers developed this shinpad, composed of 2 elements.

Are you looking for shinpads with a compression sleeve? We developed the F700 shinpad with a compression sleeve including a kangaroo pocket to insert the shinguard.

Impact protection
Protects shins in the tackle and complies with standard EN 13061-2009.

Compression sleeve with a kangaroo pocket for holding the shin pad in position.

Highlights & Specifications


Medium F700 Adult Football Shin Pads , Asphalt Blue
Medium  F700 Adult Football Shin Pads , Asphalt Blue


After watching footballers on the field, both in practices and matches, our design teams developed these shin pads.Tackles are a necessary evil for footballers and to better protect you, our football designers have developed these shin pads with a plastic shell paired with a shock-absorbing foam pad that reduces the risk of contact allergies.They meet the European 13061 standard that defines shock absorption and the shell's level of resistance.,

Impact protection

Flexible PU foam shield provides shock absorption.


Outside Shell - Padding,Polyurethane: 100%
Socks,Elasthane: 24%,Ethylene Vinyl Acetate: 05%,Polyamide: 71%
Outside shell - Main lining,Elasthane: 17%,Polyamide: 20%,Polyester: 63%
Packaging,Polyester: 100%