Mangobeat Acoustic Speaker for Smartphones Soliel Red 35 cm

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The Mangobeat speaker was created as a natural amplifier, or a speaker, specifically for Smartphones made from wood of the Mango fruit tree It is a natural amplifier for all smartphones available on the market.

The Process
The wood is sourced from ecologically managed farms in Northern Thailand. The wood is only cut and sourced from trees that are no longer economically viable for the farmer.

After sourcing, the wood is carved by highly skilled artisans. Wood shavings are then collected and used in the Kilns that dry and treat the wood. Each Mangobeat is placed in a Kiln for 48 hours.

Mangobeat is completely handmade and utilizes no electricity batteries or wires.

Once a smartphone is placed in the special slot of the Mangobeat, the 35cm model amplifies sound by up to 8 times*.

Simple yet elegant, and light but durable Mangobeat can be enjoyed anywhere: a living room, a bedroom, a Kitchen , a patio or even the beach.

1. Choose the music or video that you would like to play from your smartphone.
2. Place your Smartphone through the slot at the top side.
3. Adjust the volume of your smartphone and enjoy the natural sound from a distance.

*The Mangobeat 35cm speaker amplifies sound up to 8 times, the 25cm speaker amplifies sound up to 6 times.
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