عوامة سباحة قابلة للنفخ بمقعد ومقابض للأطفال وزن 7 - 15 كجم شفافة، زمردي أزرق

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Our design teams have created this inflatable swimming ring for babies from 7 to 15 kg, with a depth-adjustable seat according to the baby's size.

The transparent material lets little ones see under the water, much to their delight. The two ergonomic handles help the baby to hold on while sitting comfortably.

Assembly time
Inflate and deflate the ring quickly thanks to the 3 EASY valves.

You can adjust the depth of the swim ring's seat using the zip.

Ergonomic grip
Rounded handles suitable for even very little ones, making them easy to grip.

The width of the ring gives it optimal stability on the water.

Visual efficiency
The transparent material of the ring means your baby can look underwater.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged. The following items are non-returnable:beauty, grooming, underwear, swimwear, earrings, candles and face masks.

Learning to swim encourages the psycho-motor development of young kids

Nabaiji offers 3 experiences Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater.The baby seat swim ring is part of the Discovering the water experience When kids discover the water, they need buoyancy to help them gain confidence in this new environment.Sitting comfortably in their seat ring and led by an adult, the child will enjoy moving around in the water and seeing what is happening under the water through the transparent material.,

Assembly of the baby seat swim ring

The assembly between the inflatable buoy and the seat has been consolidated to guarantee consistent product quality. A wider weld and a second thickness of PVC film to which the cloth trunks are sewn make the assembly highly robust.,

How to inflate and deflate the baby swim seat ring

This swim ri

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Baby Seat Swim Nabaiji
it is really comfortable swim ring and it is suitable for kids 1 - 2 years old. Easy to install by blowing air. Recommended.
Grandson likes it very much.
ปรับขนาดกางเกงได้ด้วย ซื้อเผื่อหลานโตได้เลยครับ
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Bought this for my six month old nephew and this is such a great investment! Really smart design and super innovative for parents with young children. He's now one year old and he still fits cos the seat can adjust!
Value for money!
Discovering the water is the most important step because this is when your child encounters a new environment but it is also the time when I can so much anxiety from trying to ensure that my child is safe. This product helps ease my mind because it's literally like a chair on water that cannot topple over. Highly recommend this.