حزام يد متدرج تسويم، بتصميم قرصان، أزرق داكن، وزن 15-30 كجم

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Designed for young children. This armband-belt is perfect for learning to swim.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged. The following items are non-returnable:beauty, grooming, underwear, swimwear, earrings, candles and face masks.

Why progressive armbands

Because it is often difficult to find the right buoyancy aid for a child, to anticipate his level of comfort in the water and his confidence, Nabaiji designed Tiswim. With its modular versatility, this progressive armband-waistband allows the child to discover the joys of playing in the water, moving and learning the first swimming movements in complete safety.,

What are the three ways of using the Tiswim

Step 1/ Initially, the Tiswim is used with all the parts (armbands + belt in front)Step 2/ Armbands only to start moving in the water in a vertical positionStep 3/ Belt only positioned at the back to discover the swimmer's position (horizontal) and the first movements of swimming.,

How can I adjust the belt in the front position

Place the front section on the upper part of the belly, so that the belt wraps around the lower pa

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Grand kid needs to learn to swim
My grandchild has no fear she is 19 months cant swim but water well she accident waiting to happen till now she tipped up any floatation device. Then she found one she loved even out of water she wants to wear it no idea what it is about this but i will go with comfort and ease its so easy no fighting to get a child to wear it just gave it to her mum to take abroad hoping there be loads of pics as we cant take pics at pools in uk