Nutrapet Plush Pet Puppy Pull

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Material selection: This product is made of plush material, which is soft and skin friendly. The hemp rope weaving part is wear-resistant and bite resistant.

Detail processing: environmentally friendly printing and dyeing without fading, meticulous stitching without detachment, exquisite embroidery, three-dimensional filling, vivid without deformation.

Soundmaking: Equipped with a built-in sound component, it can make a sound when pinched, which can attract the interest of dogs and stimulate their interest in playing.

A great way to relieve boredom: When the weather is bad, dogs can play with this toy to relieve boredom. If they use up their physical strength, they won't tear down the house, which saves the owner's worry.

Training equipment: Dog owners can use this toy to train their dogs, which is a good equipment for happy interaction between owners and pets, and at the same time, the owner plays a good companion role in this process.

Material: Pineapple Velvet, Crystal Velvet

Size: fox-22 x 27cm, dog-26 x 32cm, elephant-27 x 28cm

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Nutrapet Plush Pet Puppy Pull
Nutrapet Plush Pet Puppy Pull
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