Fitness Soft Modular 1 kg Dumbbells Tonesoftbell Twin-Pack, Purple

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With these soft dumbbells that attach to your ankles and wrists, you can keep your hands free during strength training workouts.

Pump up your training with soft dumbbells. Customize your weights (1 or 2*250 g, either 250 g or 500 g per dumbbell) to your needs: Pilates, Pilates toning, active walking, etc.

You get to choose: attach them to your wrists, ankles, or both!

Adjust the weight to the workout: 1 or 2*250g, either 250g or 500g per dumbbell.

Easy maintenance
Our dumbbells are hand wash or delicate wash only: goodbye odour!

How much weight should you use

The weight depends on the exercise or your level.If you're just starting out, opt for the 1 kg model build your strength gradually and go easy on your joints. Those who work out regularly can go for the 2 kg model. If you have any doubts, start with a lower weight to make sure your movements are precise, controlled and effective to avoid injury.Use a bigger weight for training your thighs and bum, but halve the load for your upper-body muscles.,

What exercises can you do

Don't know which exercise to start with, or how to get your posture right Take a look at the poster belowhttps//contents.mediadecathlon.com/p1843901/k$dde6bb8de5c56760321801930ae8c2e6/DOMYOS%20TONESOFTBELL2%200%20250%20%20%201KG.jpg(Copy & paste the link in your web browser)Download our poster on your smartphone or print it out to access a dozen free exercises devel

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4 اراء الزبائن
Comfortable wear ankle weights
Good design and comfortable. Won't run around during movements.
Ankle Weights
Variability is desirable for gradual increment in exercise regimen
Tonesoft bells
Love the versatility of varying the weights but the design is still very bulky when worn around ankles or wrists but is is functional.
I am happy with the products I brought.