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Our teams have developed this ball for learning to play beach rugby. Enjoy some time out with family or friends by playing a bit of rugby on the beach.

This ball is easy to play with thanks to its midi size, for kids over 3. The foam makes it very comfortable to hold and catch. The pimples make it soft to grip and give it a fun appearance.

ball touch
The foamy material is comfy to catch.

The shape and embossed feel provide a flexible grip.

This ball is made from one single layer to make it lighter.

Beach rugby a hot summer sport.

As its

suggests, beach rugby is done on the beach. Two teams of five players - often mixed sex - compete on a pitch measuring 40 x 35 m. It can be played in two ways with or without contact. It is similar to rugby but with simplified rules no line-outs, no scrums, and quick restarts. You'll train your running, dexterity and team spirit in a holiday setting!,

The R100 Beach Tiki is inspired by Maori artwork!

For this range of balls, we went for an innovative design inspired by Maori artwork. These groups of Polynesian peoples are the symbol of rugby in the southern hemisphere, particularly the famous All Blacks. We wanted to pay homage to them by recreating a legendary design, the Tiki, depicting a stylised human form.,


Bladder,Rubber - Butadiene Rubber: 100%

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8 اراء الزبائن
Great Beach Rugby Ball and best value !
awesome rugby ball, very fun and good to play with your kids on land and in water !
Great Quality Rugby Ball and best value !
Great quality rugby ball and very durable !
Perfect Size & colourful
Perfect Size & colourful
Wrongly Advertised
Advertised as size 4 but it is a size 3.
Unbelievable experience on beach
It's great for Children to enjoy rugby on the beach. Colorful ball and easy to catch. My children love it so much