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Our team has developed this ice bag so that you can soothe and reduce pain by applying cold after an injury or during a rest.

This ice bag is quick to fill with ice cubes and water.It can be easily applied to any injured area.Multi-purposeSize large (22 cm diameter)

Fresh feel
The bag lets you apply cold to the injured area. Reusable.

Ease of use
The wide opening makes it easy to insert ice cubes. Can be used immediately.

Anatomic design
Its shape lets you apply cold to any joint or muscle.

A watertight, flexible bag. Size large (22 cm diameter)

We've all taken a bit of a battering at some point when playing contact sports (football, rugby, handball, etc.) and combat sports.Applying cold to the injury soothes it and reduces the pain. It is recommended if you suffer and impact, sprain, bruising, dislocation, swelling, etc.Our ice bag is watertight and bendable, and easy to fill with ice cubes and water.The wide opening makes it quick to fill with ice cubes.Its material, large size and shape make it suitable for joints and muscles.,

Instructions for use

Apply to the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes.Tip dampen the outside of the bag to better distribute the cold.,

CE marking

The CE marking (in force since 1993) is the main indicator that the product complies with EU legislation and allows free movement within the European market,


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6 اراء الزبائن
Good ice bag
The ice bag is very useful. Good quality with reasonable priced. Best buy
Probably the best ice pack that I have ever used
Really happy with the product- it is strong and holds the ice well. Would full-heartedly recommend to anyone.
Very good ice bag !
Excellent price, quality and size for this ice bag.
Better than frozen peas
Bought for my daughter who keeps on spraining her ankle. This is a no nonsense I’ve bag that sits comfortably on the affected area and doesn’t leave a pool of water like a bag of ice. Works well with ice cold water. I just fill with tap water and place in the freezer for half an hour then good to go.
Easy to use
Works well for quick home remedy