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Developing reflexes, coordination, and strike precision for combat sports practitioners.

Want to work on your strike speed and precision? This is the perfect training accessory for working on coordination while having fun!

Rubber ball for optimal cushioning.

Anatomic design
Adjustable length elastic to adapt to your stature.

Why should you work on your boxing reflexes

Boxing, like many combat sports, is a contact sport where reflexes are very important - they are essential for getting used to dodging and striking with speed and precision. To develop those skills, we are offering this reflex ball - with regular training, you'll learn to coordinate your strikes with the timing of the ball's movements.In addition to being a very good technical exercise, it's a fun activity that is suitable for everyone.,

How to adjust the length of the elastic

It is important to adjust the length of the elastic (between the ball and the headband) to your stature, because a poorly adjusted elastic will make the exercise more difficult.To start out, we recommend adjusting the length of the elastic to the length of the distance between your shoulder and your hand (closed fist).,



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Minor safety concern
When loosing or tightening the string when ball rebounds comes back from the punch that adjustable knot can hit or injure your eye. Need a better solution or can possible cause a public liability claim… good boxing tool but needs some safety application so that adjustable knot doesn’t hit eyes
Difficult to use at the first but with practice it will come along
The ball is yellow. I like that color. Also it bounces back. I like that too
good, not great. needs improvement.
The string is too thin. It gets stuck between the fingers. The ball is perfect. Plus when the string hits your forehead or your nose, it really hurts. This is possibly due to the material used for the string.
Boxing reflex ball
string's too long need to bend way down to even touch the ball...