زلاجة لياقة بدنية مضمنة 80 مم 84a عبوة مكونة من 4، أسود

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These wheels have been designed to provide all the comfort needed for your short- to mid-length skating outings.

Replace your worn wheels with more durable wheels. Fairly hard wheels with an average diameter that guarantee resistance to wear.

Glide quality
80mm/84A for a good balance between acceleration and manoeuvrability.

Wheels for short- or mid-range inline skating on asphalt.

Abrasion resistance
84A hardness rating wheels ensure durability and great glide performance.

Glide performance

Wheels offering intermediate skaters a good compromise between glide quality, durability and manoeuvrability thanks to their 80mm diameter and medium hardness (84A).,

80 mm in diameter

The bigger the wheel, the faster you'll go once you've pushed off.The smaller the wheel, the more manoeuvrable and responsive it is. ,

84A hardness

Fairly hard wheels for excellent abrasion resistance.,

Wheel profile

Elliptical fitness wheels.,

Compatible with Oxelo skates

Wheels suitable for the Fit 5 Juniors (sizes 2.5/5 and 5/7), and the adult Fit 5, FIT500, FIT100, Sneak-In, Freeride MF500, Freeride 3 and Freeride 5 inline skates.,

Care advice

Swap your wheels around regularly so that they wear down evenly.,


Wheels,Polypropylene: 50,Polyurethane: 50
Packaging,Cellulose: 100

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Ameging products
Good value for money
One needs bearings and spacers for these wheels. But 84A is a very useful hardness for freeride skating. A cheap replacement of old wheels of oxelo ms 500 or so.
Good product but not in Stock.
Unfortunately I can buy only 1 pack of 4 while I need 8 for both of my rollers skate. But I love them.
Great Inline Skate 80mm
does the Job
Nice wheels but can fit in KIDS ROLLER SKATES FIT
This wheels can fit in KIDS ROLLER SKATES FIT 3 JR BLACK/ORANGE ???