لوح تزلج كامل 100 جالكسي، أسود

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This easy-to-handle maple skateboard, designed by our team of skaters, is perfect for learning and improving your street or half-pipe skateboarding.

The COMPLETE100 skateboard is made from 100% Canadian maple (sturdiness + pop). Perfect for those wanting to learn street or half-pipe skateboarding with an easy-to-handle deck.

100% Canadian maple, 7-ply deck for excellent pop.

8 x 31.6 deck. Medium concave for good handling.

Glide performance
Skateboard designed for different surfaces (wood/concrete skatepark, roads, etc)

Ease of handling
Aluminium truck, 92A bushings. 52mm High Rebound PU wheels, 99A.

COMPLETE 100 Skateboard deck

Dimensions 8 x 31.6, medium concave, wide and sloped nose (front) and tail (back) for doing tricks.The 100% Canadian maple is highly resistant and lasts well. Canadian maple is the best suited to the design of a skateboard hard, dense and lightweight.,

Wheels & bearings

100% polyurethane, 52 mm, 99A hardness wheels. These wheels are comfortable to ride both in the skatepark and in the street. Fairly hard for doing powerslides, yet soft enough to not feel the vibrations caused by bumpy ground.The COMPLETE 100 is equipped with ABEC 7 bearings. The bearings need to wear in; they will be best after a few sessions.This board is designed for beginners and will pick up less speed than the COMPLETE 500.,

Trucks (to mount the wheels)

Aluminium trucks with polyurethane bushings (88A hardness). These trucks are perfect for doing your f

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