مصباح تخييم - ب.ل 50 دينامو قابل لإعادة الشحن - 50 لومن

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Our camping designers created this BL50 Dynamo lamp to provide enough light for 2 people. Can be used outdoors, under tents, on camp-sites and bivouacs.

Our motivation? Ensure you are never in the dark thanks to this lamp that can be recharged by USB. If the battery is empty, a backup dynamo system enables you to use it.

3 modes: 10 lumens (red) - 25 lumens - 50 lumens |Lights up 1 or 2 people

4h at 50Lum |9h at 25Lum| 6h at 10Lum | Rechargeable by USB or by Dynamo

Ease of use
Easy to hang with integrated hook | Change of mode by pressing a single button

IPX4 rated lamp: withstands rain in all conditions

Compact design
This lamp is 9.8 cm high and 9 cm in diameter

Lightweight: 159 g

Supply Type

The battery has a capacity of 500 milliamps.The lamp battery is rechargeable thanks to its micro-USB port. You can recharge it using a power socket, car cigarette lighter or any standard USB port (including a solar panel). The micro USB charging cable is sold with the lamp. However, this is not the case with the mains power adaptor, but you can for example use your smartphone's charging cable.,


It takes 3 hours min to fully recharge the battery on a 220V mains plug. A red LED shows when charging starts, a green LED shows when charging ends.For the dynamo system turn the dynamo one minute for 4 minutes of light.A circuit breaker protects the battery from over-charging.,


When your lamp has been on for more than 5 seconds, simply press the button to go directly to off mode.To turn the lamp back on and switch modes, pr

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15 اراء الزبائن
Lightweight handy CP light
Is well made with crank handle for emergency short light. Can recharge from battery bank as well as pc and 220v usb charger. On 2nd setting light is most comfortable just the correct amount of lumen brightness. 1st setting is a dim red light for those who like a night light to sleep. 3rd settings is quite bright. Am charging for the first time so hopefully will turn green when finished. If it gets too old or cover breaks or something I'd easy fetch another.
Rugged, bright, & portable
Love this little lamp.. goes bright enough to use for nighttime food prep but also has lower light and red modes that are great for inside a tent. Very simple to use.
We thought super bright. Unfortunately not. Lucky we have extra camping lamp. However, still can used during sleep time.
Excellent Lamp
These lamp are not only environmentally friendly as they do not take physical batteries and charge via micro USB they also last quite a while. If you run out of juice during an outing, simple turned it upside down to charge it manually. They are also aesthetically nice to look at. I would buy more of this product.
Great for camping
Easy to use and last for along time between charges. Robust enough to be used my young children, once charged. Care will need to be taken not to snap any parts when using the wind up option.