Hiking Water Bottle Instant Stopper With Straw 900 Tritan 0.5 Litre, Dark Petrol Blue

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Need an easy-to-open water bottle? Our designers have developed this water bottle with straw that snaps open that with one hand. Great for children to use.

The bottle opens instantly with one hand, with a “straight head'' pipette for drinking easily. It is transparent, solid, and made from Tritan plastic. 0.8L.

Easy opening / closing
Snaps open and shut with one hand, straw incorporated into cap.

In Tritan: unbreakable transparent plastic, without any after taste.

Ease of use
Straw to drink with your head upright, wide opening, handle, increments. 0.5L.

Non-isothermal. To keep contents cool, use the 0.6 L isothermal cover.

Directions for use

Tritan is not isothermal. Use a cover if you want to keep liquids cool.Do not use with fizzy drinks or fats (dairy products, oils...). Do not put in the microwave or freezer.The water bottle is see-through and measured in 200 ml increments so you can see the amount of liquid left or for making energy drinks.


By using the straw, you drink by sucking while keeping your head upright.It is possible to drink by removing the inner straw as with a conventional water bottle. However, this may create strange noises (like a duck or dolphin, you choose) because of the intake of air upon contact with the water.The cap has a handle to make it easy to carry or for hanging on a backpack with a strap or carabiner.

Care instructions

Clean your water bottle after every use with conventional washing-up liquid and water. The product can also be

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14 اراء الزبائن
Good for kids
Goods for kids.. easy to clean
My 2 year old and 3 year old girls use these daily. They can open and close it by themselves, it does not leak and we all love them.
Bình nước bền , đẹp
Quality product
Suits my kid's consumption for its size.