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Our team of campers created these self-adhesive patches to repair any holes and tears in your: tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, down jackets, etc.

Universal, waterproof and resistant patches for multiple and fast repairs. Ultra-strong glue that can be applied to a large number of materials.

Durable and hardwearing |آ Reinforced structure |Water-resistant SOLID glue

Ease of use
Remove the film, stick it, job done!

Synthetic and cotton fabric | Plastic film | Leather | Poles


- 2 patches 13 cm x 13 cm- 2 patches 10 cm x 6 cm- 2 patches 6 cm x 4 cm,


Sticks to dry, smooth, dust-free, non-oily and silicon-free . Before sticking, clean the material. The to be stuck together must not be covered in anti-adhesive substances (like grease or silicon). Round the angles for better hold.,

Technical features

- Perforated polyester support film- Water-resistant SOLID glue- Silicone paper transfer paperLong-term extreme temperature resistance from -40�C to +90�C- Application temperature from -10�C,


- Great elasticity- Deformation capacity- High resistance to damp- Great thermal stability- Easy to work with flexible non-woven base,


Not suitable for inflatable mattresses or other inflatable products.,


Main fabric,Polyethylene: 100%

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