حذاء باليه بوانت للمبتدئين بنعل مرن، وردي، مقاسات 1-8 / مقاس 42 أوروبي

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Our team of passionate designers created these pointe shoes for beginner ballet dancers looking for stability, comfort and flexibility.

Just starting pointe work? With its wide and stable platform, flexible shank and high vamp, our pointe shoes provide flexibility in the heel-to-toe transition to make dancing on pointe easier.

Ease of use
Pre-sewn elastics and ribbons on the shoes.

When can you wear pointe shoes

Please note that your ankles must be strong enough to wear pointes. Wearing pointe shoes and dancing on pointe should be discussed first with your teacher.

What is the benefit of the traditional method used to stitch the soles

We work with a Tunisian factory that is specialised in making pointe shoes using a traditional method.This traditional technique consists in stitching the sole of the pointe shoes on the wrong side before turning them for greater comfort and flexibility.This lets the sole move with your feet as you dance on pointe.Each pair of pointe shoes sold in our stores and on our website is hand-stitched by specialists.

How to try on your pointe shoes

1) Sit down and slip on the pointes, then tie the ribbons around your ankle. The elastic will be stitched on to fit your ankle and instep.2) Stand up, then put o

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great shoes but come up small
smaller than size and more narrow, other than that fab pair of pointe shoes at a great price
No no no
Pointe shoes must be fitted by a qualified fitter not just off the shelf In your size for anyone to buy. Professional fitting don’t just go on size. They look at width, box shape, shank strength, shank strength amongst a few. Buying these even as a play shoe can cause damage and the recommended age to have them is at least 12 years old
Golidlocks Sizing - 3rd time lucky 2 sizes up.
These are really good quality pointe shoes - best I have had so far. Suede toe gives great grip and the width of the toe gives better balance and support. Factory sewn on ribbons are excellent - very secure. Gel inside toe is a lovely extra. However I had to take 2 sizes bigger than my normal size - my own size couldn't get them on, next size up could get them on but way too small. They are really well made and comfy. Highly recommended with the Goldilocks clause on sizes.