Take your camping experience to the next level with camping lanterns and camping lights with stands from Azadea in the UAE. Our portable camping lights are lightweight and easy to carry to your campsite. These rechargeable camping lights are perfect as they can easily be put on charge for re-use. Shop our collection for the best deals.

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Camping Lanterns


Shop lanterns and camping lamps online at Azadea.com and illuminate your tents for long periods of time. When you're camping, your tent can look dull and dim if you don't have the right lighting equipment, meaning when evening sets in, you're unable to see clearly. However, with a wide assortment of headlamps, lanterns and torches, you're guaranteed to find the best lanterns and lamps at Azadea UAE.


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With Azadea's camping lanterns in your inventory, your tents or shelters are going to look more lively and warm. With various light modes to suit your needs, you can always count on finding the perfect lighting accessory to suit you. If you're looking to spend a great night in the tent, you can use the power mode to provide adequate light for up to 4 people. You can also use these lanterns as nightlights to aid your sleep. These products offer a power of up to 200 lumens and can brighten up the surroundings well. Some products also work on rechargeable batteries. The lamps are easily rechargeable and have long-lasting battery lives. The Quechua BL100 provides great autonomy as it lasts for 130 hours in its Red mode! Also, these lamps are very compact and occupy very little space in your backpack. They also come with an adjustable strap that you can use to hang them anywhere. Hang them a little higher, and you can have a 360° lighting experience. These lamps are made of the highest quality materials and are very durable. Not to forget that it is splash resistant and continues to work in case of a shower for up to 30 minutes.


At Azadea, the intention is to illuminate all of your hiking and camping trips and make them better for you. On all products, enjoy fast shipping and easy 30-day returns.