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Find the best handheld torches and flashlights for your hiking and camping adventures when you shop online at Azadea.com. A good quality torch is absolutely essential in any hiker’s backpack. When the sun sets, there is no better tool to have in your arsenal. If you’re looking for torches that are compact and will illuminate your path well, Azadea UAE offers an assortment of the best products at your disposal.


The handheld torches at Azadea come in different ergonomically designed shapes to provide utmost convenience to the users. The torches use quality materials and are made to be durable aids during your hikes. The Forclaz Dynamo 50 can be recharged by a USB and provides light of up to 75 lumens. No batteries? No problem. You can also manually wind it up for a minute and enjoy another 5-7 minutes of light. In its dim mode, it provides light for up to 3 hours for a full charge. The compact size makes sure it fits well in your backpack and can be easily taken out and used. Perfect for adding to your collection of essential hiking accessories, you can enjoy a range of torches that have different powers.. Small handheld dynamo torches are also offered if your primary torch runs out at an inopportune moment. All the products are splash resistant and can absorb shock, thanks to their optimized build. On top of that, these are incredibly lightweight, making them highly portable. If you need a light to wear over your chosen hat or beanie, then you can also find a selection of headlamps too!


Azadea UAE aims to provide you premium quality products at friendly rates. Shop all of your outdoor must-haves online at Azadea.com and enjoy fast shipping, doorstep delivery and easy 30-day returns.

12 products