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At Azadea, you’re guaranteed to find long-lasting head-torches and headlamps designed to make your winter or evening hikes better and more enjoyable! Hiking at night can be a sensational experience if you have the correct equipment. To help you along, Azadea offers a range of torches, headlamps, and head torches all offering to brighten your path for hours on end.


Azadea’s range of head torches provides you with absolutely functional products that will illuminate dimly lit routes all year along. The torches provide the power of up to 120 lumens with variable modes and can easily be worn with your hiking hat or other headgear. Shop LED headlamps and rechargeable head torches that you can easily switch to whatever mode fits the situation best and thus save battery life. Talking about battery life, the torches are rechargeable using micro-USB. So you can whip out your power bank and recharge it easily. Also, in Eco mode, the torches can last up to 11 hours, meaning you can enjoy a long walk without fear of it getting dark. These camping headlamps will light up your path up to 20-25 meters allowing you to have clearer visibility of what lies ahead.


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About the comfort quotient, the torches feature an adjustable headband. The headband is detachable and can be washed easily. In addition, the buttons on the torches are easily operable and can even be used with your gloves on. The weight of these products is extremely light and allows for comfortable wearing for long periods of time. The products are made of highly durable materials, are splash-resistant and can be easily stored in your backpack or hiking jacket pocket for your utmost convenience.


Browse the entire range of headlamps online at Azadea UAE and shop all of your essential outdoor products from best selling brands like Forclaz.


Headlamps FAQs


What makes a good headlamp?


A good headlamp is anything that lights up your path whilst you're out walking or hiking. However, it's best to find headlamps that fit securely around the head, are lightweight and can withstand the elements.