Electra Men's E-Bike Loft Go! 7D EQ Matte Cadet Blue (Size M)

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The Loft Go! 7D is a lightweight e-bike that turns your daily commute into a more joyful experience. With a simple yet smart e-system and 7 speeds, it gives the range necessary to take you to the edge of your city and everywhere you would like to go. This modern-day classic was crafted with both multipurpose and style in mind for your rides.

This is the choice for you if

It’s your time to change the way you explore new paths and make every ride an adventure. The Loft Go! 7D is easy-to-ride while so much fun. A fully-integrated battery coupled with fenders and lights makes this elegant electric bike the perfect companion for daily life.

Technology you get

  • The E-bike System by Electra proves spirit and control with three modes of power support with a rear hub motor and is coupled with a 7-speed derailleur for additional range.
  • Wide 700x40c tires together with flat-mount disc brakes allow you to stop quickly and safely.

You will love it for

  • Maximum top-assisted speed of 25 km/h with support from the rear hub motor
  • A fully-integrated 250 Wh battery with a range up to 65 kilometers
  • The LED controller makes monitoring of power support level and battery charge easy
  • Extra range with the help of the 7-speed derailleur
  • Custom your e-bike with e-essentials or special edition accessories.

Last but not Least

The frame, providing a more assertive riding position, is made for tackling any minor obstacle on your way during the trip. Paired with Electra's aesthetic uniqueness, the bike lets you explore your city like never before. For a complete look and extra utility  there are matching bells, bags or racks.

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Electra Men's E-Bike Loft Go! 7D EQ Matte Cadet Blue (Size M)
Electra Men's E-Bike Loft Go! 7D EQ Matte Cadet Blue (Size M)
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